LED Bulb

LED bulb can replace traditional incandescent product which is widely installed in office, railway station, supermarket, display case, etc. Of course, this product has superior performances because it can save at least 80% of energy consumption in comparison with ordinary product. In addition, it is safe and reliable. With nice appearance, good optical design, good heat sink and easy installation and removal, this product is an ideal choice for customers.

LED bulb can be widely used as lighting in many fields, including bus, shuttle, railcar, uninterrupted emergency, focused reading, interior design, closet illumination, cove, marine recreation, edge, under counter, residential building, office, display case, soffit, under cabinet, art, work, motor home, boat, etc.

Of course, LED bulb has many features. Firstly, this product is durable because aluminum is used in base and glass is adopted on surface. With easy emitting, this product is shock-proof and concussion-proof. In addition, constant current design and low light duration are used in this product. The service life of this product is 10 times of ordinary lamp and lantern. This product also doesn't pose any hazards to health because there is no ultraviolet, infrared and radiation. Last but not least, this product is green because it doesn't contain mercury and lead. At the same time, electromagnetic interference is not produced during application.

There are some items to pay attention to during installation and application of LED bulb. Before installation, please make sure the location of installation can withstand 10 times of the weight of product. In addition to that, power should be cut off to prevent electric shock and touching the case should be avoided when light is on. The environment shouldn't contain vibration, swinging, fire hazard, heat, hot steam or corrosive gas to ensure its service life. As well as that, falling from high altitude should be avoided to prevent collision with hard objects and knocking. Actually, this product is for interior use only so waterproofing should be paid more attention to for exterior application.

Gleamia is a specialized LED bulb manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including 5W LED light bulb, φ180/φ240/φ300mm LED round panel light, RGB LED light strip and RGB LED panel light, etc.

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