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Direct Emitting LED Panel Light

Super high brightness SMD3014 and Samsung 5630 light source are used in our panel light products which are suitable for hotel, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, home decoration, and other indoor lighting. With high emitting efficiency and higher brightness, these products can directly replace traditional fluorescent lamps. Direct emitting LED panel light has strong versatility and luxurious metal frame structure which is consistent with the general light steel ceiling dimension. Low power consumption and high performance LED light source is used in this product to reduce energy use. LED panel light, made of super high brightness LED, is the thinnest and brightest product in domestic products with same power. The light source is very stable so there is no flicker, ultraviolet and potential hazards for health. This product also has small volume and high precision constant current to realize reliable working.

Detailed Specifications

Model No. GLM-DPL24030-100 GLM-DPL24020-88 GLM-DPL12030-60 GLM-DPL6060-54 GLM-DPL3030-12
Power consumption 100W 88W 60 W 54W 12W
Luminous flux (Lm) 9660Lm 8200LM 5120LM 4680LM 820LM
LED Qty(pcs ) 1296 pcs 1080pcs 648 pcs 576pcs 144 pcs
Dimension 300×2400×45mm 200×2400×45mm 300×1200×45mm 600×600×45mm 300×300×12mm
LED type SMD3014 (Lumen Max )
Color temperature (K) 2800 - 6500K
Color Warm/ natural/ cool white
Beam angle (degree) >120degree
CRI >80
Input voltage AC 110V - 270V
Frequency range (Hz) 50 - 60Hz
Working environment Indoor
Material of body Aluminum alloy frame and PMMA cover
IP rating IP40
Operating temperature -20~65 degrees Celsius
Dimmable Optional
Service life 50,000hours
Warranty 3 years

With regard to maintenance of direct emitting LED panel light, there are some items to pay attention to. In the first place, power should be turned off before cleaning this product. And dry cloth rather than chemical or abrasive substances, should be used for cleaning operation. In order to protect the light, this product should be turned off before leaving room.

Outer packaging should be removed before installation. Make sure that LED panel light is not damaged during transportation. If damaged, please do not install it. Repairing can only be performed by professional engineers. When this product exceeds the service life, it should be inspected, maintained or treated as the scrap. This product should be kept away from fire or high temperature objects. To ensure safety, material should be kept away from children to prevent swallowing and children are not supposed to touch electrification equipment as well. Please do not stare at emitting surface for long time and do not illuminate other people's eyes with reflective LED.

Installation instructions

A. Recessed

a. Lift the spring with hand and form a right angle with LED panel light
b. Put LED panel light into the opening of ceiling
c. Loose the spring after it is fixed

B. Suspended

a. First, dig four holes on the ceiling and fix plastic anchor
b. Fix the lifting rope head on the plastic anchor
c. Lock the lifting rope on the LED panel using snap ring
d. Fix the lifting rope locked LED panel light on the fixed head of lifting rope and make sure LED panel light is parallel with the ceiling.

C. Ceiling surface mounted

1. Fix the roof rack
2. Mount the roof rack on the ceiling
3. Remove one side of mounted roof rack
4. Insert LED panel light into the slot
5. Fix the removed side

Gleamia is a specialized direct emitting LED panel light manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including T8 LED tube, RGB LED panel light, LED downlight and LED bulb, etc.

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