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RGB LED Panel Light

Compared with traditional grille disc, RGB LED panel light has longer service life, less maintenance costs, lower power consumption and more installation choices. In order to realize beautiful structure, good heat dispersion and uniform luminescence of this product, our company has invested a lot of money in R&D. At the same time, dimension of this product can be customized according to customers' needs.

Detailed Specifications

Model No. GLM-PL3030-RGB-140 GLM-SPL-6060-RGB-280
Power consumption 32W 54 W
Luminous flux (Lm) 223lm (Red) 430lm (Green) 270lm (Blue) 432lm (Red) 864lm (Green) 540lm (Blue)
LED Qty(pcs ) 140 pcs 280 pcs
Dimension 300×300×12 mm 600×600×12 mm
LED type SMD5050 RGB  
Color RGB  
Beam angle (degree) >120degree
CRI >75
Input voltage AC 110V - 240V
Working voltage DC24V
Frequency range (Hz) 50 - 60Hz
Working environment Indoor
Material of body Aviation aluminum alloy frame and PMMA cover
IP rating IP40
Operating temperature -20~65 degrees Celsius
Net weight 1500g 3800g
Dimmable Optional
Service life 50,000hours
Warranty 3years

RGB LED panel light has quite a lot of features. This product is environmentally-friendly because it doesn't contain pollutants such as lead or mercury. At the same time, low attenuation and high brightness SMD5050 RGB full color LEDs are adopted in this product. In addition, uniformity and efficiency of light can be ensured by side lighting, optical diffuser plate and light guiding plate. Besides that, damage to single LED won't affect normal working of the others. Highly efficient constant current circuit is used so this product has stable performance. In terms of material, high strength aviation aluminum is used in frame. Antistatic thermoplastic coating is used on surface so this product has beautiful appearance which is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. This product is also durable and installation is simple and easy.

1) 300×300×12mm
Three layer package
Inner EPE holder
1pc into inner box, 4pcs into outer carton
Inner box dimension (L×W×H): 385×385×55mm
Outer carton dimension (L×W×H): 400×400×240mm
N.W: 6.0 kg/carton
G.W: 6.8 kg/carton

Three layer package
Inner EPE holder
1pc into inner box, 4pcs into outer carton
Innner box dimension (L×W×H): 680×690×55mm
Outer carton dimension (L×W×H): 700×710×240mm
N.W: 19.2 kg/carton
G.W: 21.2 kg/carton

Installation instructions

A. Recessed

a. Lift the spring with hand and form a right angle with LED panel light
b. Put LED panel light into the opening of ceiling
c. Loose the spring after it is fixed

B. Suspended

a. First, dig four holes on the ceiling and fix plastic anchor
b. Fix the lifting rope head on the plastic anchor
c. Lock the lifting rope on the LED panel using snap ring
d. Fix the lifting rope locked LED panel light on the fixed head of lifting rope and make sure LED panel light is parallel with the ceiling.

C. Ceiling surface mounted

1. Fix the roof rack
2. Mount the roof rack on the ceiling
3. Remove one side of mounted roof rack
4. Insert LED panel light into the slot
5. Fix the removed side

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